The Promise Partners

The dream of offering scholarships to motivated students, many the first in their family to attend college, could not happen without the support of the following Promise Partners. Their generous donations reflect their commitment to education as the way to make lives better and build a strong, viable and vibrant America.


We’re pleased that almost all our donors continue to recommit for another four years, some even increasing their commitments, allowing us to offer new scholarships again this year.

Front Row left to right, 2013 Promise Students – Diana, Rogelio & Yadah. Back row left to right, Holland/Zeeland Promise Committee members – Tim Hemingway, Bob DeNooyer & Bob Sterken

  • Dr. John and Monica Arendshorst
  • Mr. and Mrs. Robert Bakker
  • Chris Bart
  • John and Susan Barwis
  • Franco and Allesandra Bianchi
  • Dr. Dan and Kate Bolt
  • John and Nancy Bolt
  • Tom Bos
  • Jim and Donna Brooks
  • Leslie Brown
  • Catherine Clements
  • Christopher and Lorna Cook
  • DeNooyer Chevrolet
  • DeNooyer Chevrolet Employees
  • Robert DeNooyer II and Colette Volkema DeNooyer
  • Robert J. DeNooyer Sr.
  • Dominique and Julie DeNooyer
  • Nicole DeNooyer and Chris Taylor
  • Chris and Barb DePree
  • Roger and Janet DeYoung
  • Jeff Elhart
  • Jacob Essenburg
  • Fifth Third Bank
  • Dan and Mary George
  • Marianne Hageman
  • Craig and Karen Hall
  • Richard G. and Ethie Haworth
  • Herman Miller through Herman Miller Cares
  • Tim and Anne Hemingway
  • Don and Jodi Heeringa
  • Dr. Bill and Dr. Maria Hoekstra
  • Huizenga Foundation
  • Patrick and Jeanne Kellner
  • Phil and Lil Koning
  • Dan and Jan Koster
  • Pat Leblanc
  • Mr. and Mrs. David D. Lamberts
  • Richard and Marcia Lievense
  • Jim and Sarah Lily
  • Sam and Jean Martin
  • Bruce and Carla Masselink
  • Phillip and Dr. Nancy Miller
  • Tim Moore
  • Richard and Susan Muzzy
  • Holly D. Palmer
  • Perkins Malo Hunter Foundation
  • Kathleen Ponitz
  • Scott and Gina Prince
  • Rey and Kelli Rivera
  • Mary Schregardus
  • David and Katie Shellenbarger
  • Dick and Nancy Shepherd
  • Mike and Ann Staed
  • Robert and Deborah Sterken
  • Dr. Jim and Dolly Strikwerda
  • Jim and Carol Stroop
  • William and Nancy Sturgeon
  • Linda and Dave Thompson
  • Rolfe and Stacy Timmerman
  • Varnum LLP/ Attorneys at Law
  • Hank and Cora Visscher
  • Michael and Valerie Volkema
  • Jan and Carol Wagner
  • Brian and Colleen Walker
  • Susan and Joel Wolfe


We thank Herman Miller for a second donation of dollar for dollar matching of up to $25,000 throughout four years. Learn more about their charitable giving through Herman Miller Cares. Click here to learn more.

We would like to thank one of our donors, who wishes to remain anonymous, for increasing their donation to $100,000 to be spread over four years.

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