The Holland/ Zeeland Promise offers scholarships to  make college education affordable for motivated high school graduates with financial need.

All donations to the Holland/Zeeland Promise are managed through the Community Foundation of the Greater Holland/Zeeland Area. The Community Foundation allows for secure online donations. You may visit their site by clicking here.

Currently – we are able to offer only as many scholarships as annual donations permit.

But the real dream is to grow the community of Promise donors so that one day, scholarships might be available to all motivated high school graduates with financial need in the greater Holland/Zeeland area.

We want them to participate in the American Dream.  And not be limited because of financial need as they dream of careers, jobs, and a good life for themselves and their families.

If you have questions regarding the organization, please contact Stacy Timmerman, Director of Scholarships at the Community Foundation of Holland Zeeland at

Recent Promise Students

Arely | Grand Valley University
Freddie | University of Michigan

Justin | Grand Valley University
Marisol | Ferris University
Marita | University of Michigan
Micah | Michigan State University

Taylor K | Michigan State University
Taylor W | Grand Valley University

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Learn about all our Promise students and their scholarships to colleges and technical programs. Click here to read more.

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